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Rebecca Waycott, Co-Committee Chair
Heather Black, Co-Committee Chair
Joel Bejot, Music Director
Additional Committee Members:
Kristen Allen, Susan Bilkey, Amanda Black, Joy Bond, Peter Burke, Cherie Kessler, Freddie Harris, Page Klune, Julie LaFleur, Lisa Leach and Maureen Ott

Committee Members Emeritus:
Roberta Heinrich, Paul Hansen, Kristy Kuntz, Kris Miller and Sandor Szombathy

Letter from the Committee Chair:
St. Thomas Playhouse holds a special place in this valley and in my heart. Not only does it offer first rate community theater productions throughout the year, but it also provides a safe environment where all participants can experiment and grow as they hone their performing skills and share their talents with our community. I am proud to be a founding member of STP and can honestly say that my work with Playhouse has been one of the undertakings that I have most enjoyed. I feel so fortunate to work with and be surrounded by people with so much talent, enthusiasm, and vision – not only our incredibly dedicated employees and committee members, but also each and every participant. Playhouse has become a second home to many individuals throughout our valley and beyond. Many of our teachers and counselors were once participants in our programs during their youth. It is so exciting to see them return year after year eager to participate in a show or help out at a camp. Our programs are truly unique in that everyone is welcome, and nobody is turned away. The generosity of our supporters allows us to offer scholarships to both of our camps so that any child or youth who wishes to participate can do so. The intergenerational aspect of many of our programs is especially supportive for young participants and brings a unique joy to the older participants. St. Thomas Playhouse seems to bring out the best in everyone, and certainly has brought out the best in me, tapping into skills that I never knew I had. As one audience member from out of town commented to me one night, “Your productions have a special quality that I can’t quite pinpoint but that is so refreshing and welcoming. How do you do it?” I have thought about his comment a lot and can only reply that this special quality can only come from the passion, love and support of all our participants and audience members.

Rebecca Waycott, Co-Chair of St. Thomas Playhouse

Rebecca Waycott and Kris Miller

St. Thomas Playhouse
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Brett Moellenberg | Managing Director ext. 13
Sara Gorby | Education/Production Director ext. 16

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